Chicago’s Newest Beautiful Things Depot, Right This-a-Way

Eskell might be the city’s most slept-on home-goods mecca

August 14, 2018 9:00 am

Do you have your living room’s best interest in mind?

Because that yellowing lampshade doth protest. So too the commemorative sports throw.

That’s where Bucktown’s Eskell shop comes in.

Open in a new, more expansive location on Milwaukee Avenue for a few months now, Eskell is easy to overlook if you’re not in the market for retro dresses. But it’s a sleeper source of incredible artifacts that will take your home to the next level, the shop’s focus having shifted more toward home goods when they made the move this April.

Highlights include their sharp curation of vintage decor including vases, tins and plates, furniture new and old, and an interesting array of natural apothecary items.

It’s a good spot to have in your backpocket for any gifting occasions as well, with curated sections for men and women that have quality issues of your standard candles, throws and accessories rounded out with distinctive vintage aesthetics.

Below, eight of our favorite picks to make your house a home.

Stoneware Bold Stripe Jar
Literally anything in your kitchen will look better stored in these countertop jars: coffee beans, compost scraps, grains, air.

Leather and Brass Barstool
The adjustable height of this sturdy stool keep it versatile in use and handsomely old-school, topped with quality leather that will wear like a dream

Ceramic Citrus Reamer
Anyone who’s ever sipped the pulpy heaven of fresh OJ knows it’s worth the crazy price hike. You deserve that delight at home.

Hub Ladder
No, it’s not for dusting ceiling fans or retrieving the cookie jar. Rather, this is a decorative ladder, aka a great place to store throw blankets, magazines or the clothes you’re too lazy to hand up in your damn closet.

Panache Lamp
Take your lighting game to the next level (that’s not a dimmer joke) with this heavy, bedside-friendly statement lamp

Fredericks and Mae Target Coasters
Do you respect wood? Do so doubly with these cork (wood!) coasters, inspired by the 12,000 year history of archery and modern design’s love of primary colors

Green Stem Glasses
Sturdy avocado-colored drinking glasses are a party trick in themselves

Stormy Kromer Rancher Cap
With a hell of a lot more guts than a beanie, this hat is just waiting to be the centerpiece of many a Strong Fall Look.

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