Dirt’s So Good

By The Editors
March 5, 2014 9:00 am

Laundry — unlike cell phones, video cameras and the humble bathroom hand-dryer — hasn’t benefitted much from technological progress since we left washboards for wash cycles.

Changing that: Dryv, a just-launched, on-demand laundry service via your iPhone or mobile web, now servicing Chicago.

In a nutshell: they wash, fold and return in 36 hours, seven days a week.

How it works: download the app and request a pickup. Dryv will come to your door within the hour. You can throw them everything — from suits to towels  and they’ll heed any special instructions.

Plus: they take care of small mending jobs, like missing buttons or quick hems.  

And that’s it. They’ll shoot you a text when your threads are clean. You choose the most convenient time for their return.

No more dirty laundry, Don Henley.

Nota bene: The gents at Dryv are offering InsideHook readers $20 off their first order. Enter ‘HOOK’ when placing your order.

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