This Chicago-Made Watch Is Your Next Family Heirloom

The Astor + Banks Pilomatic: Modern ticker, vintage appeal

By The Editors
September 9, 2016 9:00 am

Is there anything more poignant in life than passing a watch down to your kids?

Not talking Casio. Talking about a nice quality ticker. An instrument for the just and accurate keeping of time. The kind that Christopher Walken was so keen to protect—

Well, you’ve seen Pulp Fiction.

This is that kind watch: The new Astor + Banks Pilomatic model, an incredibly handsome vintage-inspired Pilot timepiece built to last your lifetime and theirs.

Started by two longtime friends in Chicago, Astor + Banks is a young gun watch company that’s gotten their fair share of respect in an otherwise cutthroat industry. Why? Craftsmanship, first and fore: every single ticker is assembled in their workspace in the West Loop.

Plain and simple: these guys loves horology. They love watches. And it shows.

The new Pilomatic model is a testament to that love. It’s simple enough to wear every day, minimal in aesthetics but bringing just enough panache so you’ll never get bored of it.

Based on the Pilot watches of yore, the watch is bold and easy to read — we’ll also add easy to look at, thanks to the German-made case with a hefty screw-down crown that contains a Swiss-made self-winding movement. In fact, each and every component is top-class, right down to the Horween leather strap.

It’s a watch any kid would be happy to inherit.

The Pilomatic is available for a special preorder price, and only 100 are slated to be made. So you’ll wanna buy in now.

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