America’s Oldest Outdoor Gear Brand Just Released Its First Camper

Hope you like buffalo plaid. Who we kidding? Of course you do.

February 3, 2017 9:00 am

In 1830, a man named John Woolrich opened up a little woolen mill in a little place called Plum Run, Pennsylvania. 

It was a modest mill. The man made simple things: woolen textiles, socks, coverlets and yarn, and travelled around with his mule cart, selling his goods to any person who needed them. 

He’d later make woolen blankets and clothing for every major U.S. war starting with the Civil War — while giving the world the buffalo check shirt along the way.

187 years after its founding, Woolrich stands as America’s oldest outdoor gear brand. Why did it take such a venerable woodsman label so long to get into the camper game? You could argue they’ve been busy doing other things. 

But if pedigree is your bag, and you like woodsy things, the new collaboration between Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers and Woolrich will appeal to you.

woolrich camper (8 images)

Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers is known for making campers that fit on either flatbeds or pick-ups, and their compact designs can be affixed permanently or temporarily.

The Woolrich Flatbed camper has space for a bed decked out in Woolrich’s famous red checked flannel and wool. It also has space for a dining area, a shower, a toilet and a kitchenette, which makes it solid for week-long surf safaris and fishing trips.

Only rub: you’ll need a pick-up truck to get in on the fun.

OK, another rub:  only 100 models will be available. 

Better jump on it. It might be another 187 years ’til we see something like this again.

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