Watch a Truck Make a Record 379-Foot Jump Over an Entire Town

September 3, 2016 4:00 am

Bryce Menzies had a simple goal: to make a Guinness World Record jump over a New Mexico ghost town in his Pro2 truck. This was not a feat to be taken lightly, requiring six months of preparation while the crew did everything from adjusting suspension settings to carrying out wind tunnel testing as they strove to improve each test jump. Even with all their preparation, Menzies still crashed and severely damaged a truck, and broke his shoulder, on a recent attempt.

Despite the setback, Menzies triumphed, obliterating both the official record (301 feet) as well as the unofficial record (332 feet) with a new mark of 379.4 feet. Plus he did it with maximum style thanks to the frontier backdrop.

Read more about the preparations for the jump here and watch it below.

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