Why’s It Called a Teardrop Camper If It Brings Us So Much Joy?

You could keep your tent, or you could be happy

By The Editors
March 3, 2017 9:00 am

Camping with a crew can become a Tetris-like exercise in economy of packing: make a wrong move in the backseat and a rogue tentpole could spear you. Or worse, a cooler packed underneath the rest of the gear can mean a messy roadside rummage-sesh to get a cold one.

Then there’s the quality of sleep you get in a tent: A windy night in the woods can keep you up. Hence one of the many upshots to a camper — it never rustles in high winds like a tent does. And it’s always easier to sleep on a queen mattress with a little bedside table for water and a book. And driving in a gear-free car is comfier too, if it’s all relegated to the trailer. We could go on.

All that’s on order with the Vistabule, a teardrop camper with plenty of windows so that you can catch the views while relaxing inside.  

Cooking is another aspect of camping that can be a chore to figure out, and the trailer’s galley kitchen — with its sink, gas range and ample storage — provides a lee from those conditions (as well as a high sun).

vistabule (5 images)

The mattress inside “semi-automatically” folds up into a little sofa. Add a coffee table in front for a little lounge area that still has those views.

It’s lightweight too, so just about any car is suitable for hauling it. It’s easy to hitch and unhitch, which gives you the freedom of claiming a site and then driving off to explore the landscape around you.

Like we said, there are many upshots to a camper. You’ll probably discover a few more once you hit the road with one.

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