This Van Has Enough Cargo Space for Five Bikes and Two Beds

Or, like, 30-something clowns

February 21, 2018 9:00 am

Let’s save some time here by listing a few features that VanDoIt doesn’t offer in their convertible adventure vans: foosball table, jacuzzi, drum-set ad bunk beds … though it does offer both a lofted bed and a retractable floor space underneath that fits a bed capable of sleeping two. So, same differece.

Such is the VanDoIt credo, wherein a van’s capabilities and identity (think passenger van vs. weekend camper) are entirely up to the imagination of the buyer. And at a $50-80K pricepoint, these machines aren’t just fodder for office daydreaming or a something to gawk at on Instagram — they’re an entirely achievable opportunity to build the automobile of your thrillseeking dreams.

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The customizability all traces back to VanDoIt’s unique track design. Basically, an aluminum track system lining the vehicle (usually a Ford Transit) allows for maximum mounting of additional features and amenities.

Wanna include up to seven leather seats? But plan on removing a couple next time you and a buddy hit the woods and need a kitchen along for the trip? Done and done. Need to store five bikes? A few surfboards? Create a stage out the back for a gear show or tailgating? Easy peasy.

Not to mention other handy options like an electric bike charging station, mosquito net and solar panel system.

Just no foosball. Get that out of your head.

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