Volvo EM90 Is the Latest Sign of an Electric-Driven Van Renaissance

Would you consider a minivan? What if it had 450 miles of range?

Volvo EM90, an electric minivan with up to 450 miles of range
It's time to reconsider the van — mini and otherwise.

Automotive styles tend to wax and wane in popularity over time, and while SUVs and crossovers dominate U.S. roads now, American buyers may soon begin to consider other options. Sales of minivans have increased in recent years following a dormant period, and some recent technological developments might further accelerate vans of all shapes and sizes on the sales charts. One might even say that things are getting charged up.

A growing number of intriguing electric vans are entering the automotive space. Earlier this year, Volkswagen announced the North American edition of its ID.Buzz, the automaker’s long-awaited electrified take on its iconic Microbus. And now, Volvo’s announced an electric van of its own, the EM90.

Volkswagen Announces the North American Edition of the ID.Buzz
The North American version will have three rows and more power than its European counterpart

Volvo’s announcement of the EM90 focuses on space and comfort, with language that dubs it “a comfortable living room on the move” — albeit one that can also serve as “executive business transport.” There’s a bit more to this van than a comfortable interior, though; as Engadget’s Kris Holt reports, the EM90 has a range of up to 450 miles. That’s significantly more than the Tesla with the longest range, the Model S, at 405 miles, and more than is projected for the dual-motor version of the Tesla Cybertruck, which is slated to begin deliveries later this month.

As for when you might see the EM90 on the road, that depends on where you’re based. Volvo’s announcement states that the van “is coming first to China and is now available for pre-orders for customers in China.” That doesn’t mean that, like the ID.Buzz, we won’t see a North American version eventually — but for the time being, U.S.-based drivers eager to pilot an electric van will need to look elsewhere.

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