A Booze Cruise on a Viking Ship Is Coming to 14 US Cities

Name a better place to drink Scotch. We'll wait.

August 15, 2018 9:00 am

You can have all the frosé you want this summer, thank you very much.

We’re gonna go drink like Vikings.*

Highland Park just announced the Draken Harald Hårfagre Expedition America East Coast Tour 2018, a meeting of Viking nautical heritage and great single malts, hitting 14 harbors along the U.S. East Coast this summer and fall.

The events take place aboard the 115-foot long Draken, the largest modern-built Viking ship in the world. This connection between the Scotch brand and the Norse seafarers isn’t random: Highland Park’s founder Magnus Eunson was a descendant of Vikings who settled on Orkney, a set of remote islands off north coast of Scotland, more than a century ago.

As for honoring (and imbibing) this Viking spirit: guests on the Draken can take a guided deck tour, screen a documentary about the ship’s journey from Norway (a recreation of the sea voyage Vikings made more than a thousand years ago) and of course participate in a tasting — we’re guessing some sips from the new Viking Legends series will be in order.

Skol, as the Vikings would toast.

* Vikings actually preferred beer, mead and a bit of wine. A nice bit of history to ponder as you’re nosing your dram.

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