The 5 Most Decadent Car Interiors on Earth

Diamond membrane speakers and hot stone massage seats, anyone?

By The Editors
March 9, 2016 9:00 am

A man’s home is his castle, sure.

But a man’s car is his castle on wheels.

Which is why the 1% of the 1% of luxury carmakers build models whose interior design, amenities and material quality are every bit the rival of their opulent exteriors.

From exotic wood inlays to rare stones — yes, even diamonds — these are the five best car interiors on the planet.

Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase

If the “regular” Bentley Mulsanne flagship wasn’t decadent enough for you, the new Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase adds an almost unimaginable 9.8 inches of legroom to the already capacious limo. They recline to a nearly flat position, and the retractable leg rests extend and pivot. The decadent leather all over nicely contrasts the Android tablets that deploy from the seatbacks. Should you get tired of business, just pop open the Champagne and glasses from the middle console.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe

One of the benefits of being well-to-do: having the ability to customize pretty much anything, which Rolls-Royce is more than happy to accommodate. The Phantom Coupe combines strong driving chops with an interior festooned with more wood and leather than you can shake a cigar lounge at. From there, buyers can add personalized features like matching the trim to your favorite watch face — or working with an astronomer to inlay a custom Starlight Headliner made with thousands of hand-placed fiber-optic lights that matches the night sky as it appeared on the night of your birth.

Mercedes-Maybach S600

It’s the Benz that goes after the British luxury brands with utter abandon — and succeeds. Seats recline with ample room for six-footers, multi-hued ambient lighting abounds, aromatherapy soothes the senses and hot stone massage seats melt your Fortune 100 cares away. It even has plush sheepskin floor mats to keep your dogs from barking.

Land Rover Range Rover Holland & Holland Edition

This $245K special-edition Range Rover shows off its love of hunting by partnering with upscale gunmaker Holland & Holland to outfit a top-of-the line SUV. It comes with high-grade H&H tan leather everywhere the eye can see, deployable walnut tables and gun stock engravings in the door handles. The entire interior wood comes from a single piece of walnut, ensuring perfect symmetry throughout. In the back? A gun compartment where you can store your optional Holland over-and-under shotguns.

Bugatti Chiron

The new Bugatti supercar that follows in the blisteringly fast footsteps of the 1,001 horsepower Veyron spits out 1,500 ponies and costs a ridiculous $2.6 million — more than the previous four cars combined. Naturally, its interior is just as mind-boggling as the performance. Fortunately, Bugatti spares no expense, giving the Chiron a cascading aluminum and carbon-fiber waterfall center console, an instrument cluster milled from a single piece of billet aluminum and a center spine in the shape of the Chiron “C” that glows, making it “the longest light conductor used in the automobile industry.” Additionally, the high-fidelity speakers have a one-carat diamond membrane in them for sound purity. Because that’s exactly what a man needs when he’s hurtling down the Autobahn at 261 MPH.

—Amos Kwon

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