This Tesla Model X Plaid Is Ultra Luxurious, Insanely Fast and Up for Grabs

Omaze is giving away the most expensive Tesla you can buy today

November 7, 2022 12:21 pm
The front of a Tesla Model X Plaid electric SUV
Not your normal electric SUV.

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Most automakers have at least dipped a toe in the electric car market, but the fact remains that Tesla is still the leader when it comes to mass producing EVs that satisfy the one criteria that matters most to buyers: range. Every vehicle in the automaker’s lineup is available in a trim that’ll give it well over 300 miles on a single charge. Over 300! That’s enough for just about any driver. Meanwhile, some legacy brands haven’t been able to crack that threshold yet. 

As we’ve written about before, though, range isn’t everything, otherwise we’d all be driving around in battery-stuffed, aerodynamic pods with no room for passengers or cargo or creature comforts. No, what you want from an electric vehicle is superior range, enough seats to fit the whole family and a car you wake up in the morning actually looking forward to driving.

In other words, you need the Tesla Model X Plaid. Normally, Tesla’s coolest SUV would set you back just under $140,000 (the most expensive Tesla of the bunch), but from now through November 18, Omaze is offering you the chance to win this futuristic, supercharged EV. All you need to do is enter before the giveaway ends in less than two weeks — and when you do, be sure to use code INSIDEHOOK50, as that’ll add 50 bonus entries to your count. 

A Tesla Model X Plaid SUV with the front doors open and rear Falcon Wing doors up in the air
These aren’t gullwing doors, these are double-hinged Falcon Wings.

You’ve probably heard of the Tesla Model X before. It’s the EV company’s first crossover, one that debuted back in 2015 and has been in production ever since. Yes, this is the one with those insane Falcon Wing rear doors that flap upwards, just like in the DeLorean (except here the doors are double-hinged, which are, dare we say, even more likely to produce the reaction “Great Scott!”). But are you caught up on the “Plaid” name that’s tacked onto the end and all that entails?

The Plaid moniker denotes the high-performance version of a Tesla vehicle. It’s available on the Model S luxury sedan as well as this Model X. Where did Elon Musk and his team get the name from? Spaceballs, if you can believe it. And while this SUV may not exactly hit the same Ludicrous Speed as experienced by Rick Moranis, it does feature a spaceship-like yoke steering wheel, fits a crew of up to seven and can reportedly do 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Can your friends and groceries handle that kind of acceleration? 

The interior of a Tesla Model X Plaid, with a yoke steering wheel and large infotainment screen
The Tesla Model X Plaid comes with the updated yoke steering wheel.

Apart from the personal perks you’ll find inside the vehicle, this Omaze sweepstakes also has the charitable perk of raising money to support REVERB, a nonprofit leading the way in making live events in the music industry more sustainable. They’ve slashed carbon emissions, cut down on single-use plastic and supported family farms at concerts, tours and festivals, as well as assisted other climate justice initiatives. If you’ve seen Dave Matthews Band or Harry Styles in concert recently, chances are you’ve experienced REVERB’s eco-friendly handiwork.

Speaking of eco-friendly, we should mention the specific specs on this all-electric Tesla. The winner of this Model X Plaid will be working with a range of 313 miles on a single charge and a ridiculous 1,020 horsepower and 841 lb-ft of torque from the tri-motor powertrain. That’s a lot of juice paired with a heck of a lot of electric power. 

A Tesla Model X Plaid sitting on a path next to a sandy beach with a surfer in the background
With a range of 313 miles, this Tesla can take you wherever you want to go.

Let’s be honest, though: this is a family-sized SUV. You may not be interested in entering this giveaway based on things like drag strip times and the number of ponies packed in. If that’s the case, maybe we can interest you in gaming? You can play a variety of video games on the 17-inch infotainment screen up front while you’re charging (or whenever else you’re parked). There’s also a rear-facing screen for the passengers in the back, which can play streaming services like Netflix. Then there are all of Tesla’s unique software Easter eggs you’ll learn as you go along. My personal favorite, after testing a Tesla myself, was Santa Mode. No, it’s not too early for “Run Run Rudolph.” 

If you are the winner of this Tesla Model X Plaid giveaway, Omaze will notify you around December 7, so it’ll be a bit of a holiday miracle for one lucky entrant. But you’re running out of time to enter: the sweepstakes is only open through November 18. While no donation or payment is necessary to enter or win, if you enter using code INSIDEHOOK50, Omaze will throw in 50 bonus entries. Think of it as an early present. 

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