Petersen Museum Exhibition Assembles Massive Collection of Teslas

Looking for a deep dive into electric vehicle history?

Cybertruck prototype
The Cybertruck prototype will be among the vehicles displayed there.
Petersen Automotive Museum

While certain other business ventures of Elon Musk’s have been in the the news more lately, Tesla continues to loom large in the public’s consciousness. Exploring the full breadth of the automaker’s work to date — from electric vehicles to the charging technology that’s become widespread across the world — is no small task. What does it mean to assemble, in one museum’s description, the “most comprehensive collection of Tesla products to date”?

California’s Petersen Automotive Museum seeks to answer that question in their upcoming exhibition Inside Tesla: Supercharging the Electric Revolution, which is set to open on November 20. The museum’s executive director, Terry L. Karges, said in a statement that the show “strives to be a holistic walk-through of how the brand became a global phenomenon and further details what lies ahead.”

Inside Tesla will feature concept vehicles and prototypes (including the Cybertruck) alongside production vehicles, offering visitors a sense of the design process that’s led to some widely-known Tesla vehicles — and offering a sense of what might have been as well. According to the announcement, part of the exhibit will also focus on Musk’s other ventures like SpaceX and Hyperloop.

And some of the selections — including a Model S used for performance testing — look to be of particular interest when it comes to high-performance automotive history. Inside Tesla will be on view through next October.

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