The Flying ATV is Here

It's called a SkyRunner. You can order one now.

By The Editors
November 15, 2013 9:00 am

UPDATE 3/28/16: Time flies… Since we wrote abou the SkyRunner in 2013, there have been a few changes. You can now put down a $5000 deposit for the SkyRunner MK 3.2, which made its public debut this month. Delivery will be in six months. Updated specs below.

Since time primeval, or at least since Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, men have longed to pilot a flying car.

Now, you can pilot a flying car that also happens to be a dune buggy: introducing the SkyRunner, available now.

Thanks to a lightweight chassis and a paraglider wing, it can navigate the worst terrain by land or by air.

This all-terrain buggy has some serious specs: air speed of 55 MPH, can travel 240 miles on the ground and 120 nautical miles in the air (about three hours of flight). Maximum altitute of 10,000 feet.

Best of all, pilot training is a breeze, requiring a fraction of the normal pilot hours to get in the air – partially thanks to its designation (light-sport aircraft), partially due to its simple controls (best described as a mini iPad on a steering wheel).

Orders are available now, and they’ll ship in 2014 late 2016.

Arriving via air mail, most likely.

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