This Sandmobile Has Literally Never Heard of Weather, Terrain

It can do 60 MPH on sand, snow, gravel ... whatever, really

October 3, 2018 9:00 am

When someone at a party entertains the “Who among us would win the Hunger Games and/or survive the apocalypse?” conversation, there’s usually one guy who stands out.

Can you picture him? Good. The T-ATV 1200 by Sand-X Motors is the vehicular embodiment of that exact dude. 

sand-x (3 images)

Sand-X Motors is a Swiss-based manufacturer of special-operations vehicles: military-approved transports that can take a beating and a bullet. Their T-ATV 1200 is used by security forces around the globe, and it’s not hard to see why. Its disregard for weather and terrain is frankly ridiculous; the 1200 can handle temps from -58°F to 140°F and rips like a jet ski through sand, snow or mountainous terrain. Oh yeah, and the thing can cook from 0-60 in just three seconds, with a top speed of 114 MPH. 

The best part, though? You can actually buy one. Get in contact with Sand-X here, and plan a trip somewhere that hasn’t caught on to the whole roads craze yet.

Images via Sand-X

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