Rolls-Royce Is Building 7 Wraith Station Wagons

Announcing the Silver Spectre Shooting Brake

Silver Spectre Shooting Brake
The Silver Spectre Shooting Brake.
Niels Van Roij Design

The Rolls-Royce Wraith is a sleek, visually stunning automobile. But somewhere out there, there has to be someone who’s gazed upon one and thought, “Sure, this is nice — but what if it had a little more space for cargo?”

The person asking this question might be hypothetical, but — as it turns out — the question itself is not. AutoBlog is reporting that Niels van Roij Design has created a modified version of the Wraith, the Silver Spectre Shooting Brake, which offers a modified version of an iconic luxury car.

The designer opted for a self-consciously retro approach for the Silver Spectre’s look and feel. “With this dramatically styled vehicle we subtly link back to the hay days of shooting brakes in the 1930’s, whilst embedding the iconic, soft and creamy visual cues from classic British automotive icons — all without being constrained by these motorcars in the execution of the modern styling,” van Roij said.

The modifications include a custom roof made from carbon fibre, bespoke side glazing and a number of possible two-tone paint combinations. The car’s engine has also been enhanced, delivering a total of 700 horsepower.

If you do end up owning one of these, you’ll be part of an exclusive club: Niels van Roij Design only plans on making a total of 7. It’s not the designer’s only foray into shooting brakes, either — they’ve also turned a Tesla Model S into one.

Between this and Lunaz’s electric version of a Phantom V, we may be living in a golden age of modified Rolls-Royces. For those who appreciate great automotive design, it’s a welcome development.

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