Revived Hispano Suiza Earns High Marks for Electric Hypercar

Is it a sign of good things to come?

Hispano Suiza Carmen
The Hispano Suiza Carmen.
Hispano Suiza

What happens when the past and future of automobiles converge in unpredictable ways? Sometimes, that can involve transforming a vintage gas-powered car into one that runs on electricity; in others, it might involve bringing a historic marque back into production with cutting-edge design and engineering. The latter is the case with Hispano Suiza, whose Carmen hypercar just got a rave review from Car & Driver.

Hispano Suiza is one of two automakers jump-starting the legacy of the storied Spanish automaker Hispano-Suiza. (You’ll note the hyphen and the lack of one.) The company behind the all-electric Carmen has familial ties to one of the original company’s co-founders — and, as of this week, a lot of encouraging press. As Mike Duff points out in his review of the Carmen, the company that built is also behind Mahindra’s Formula E vehicles. If a blend of performance and efficiency is what you’re looking for, that doesn’t seem like a bad place to start.

Some of the details brought up at Car & Driver are especially enticing — including that the Carmen can get up to 1005 horsepower. Its souped-up counterpart, the Carmen Boulogne, is capable of reaching 1100 hp. Neither is cheap — they’ll set you back $1.73 million and $1.92 million, respectively. And both are being made in relatively limited qualities, to begin with — specifically, 14 Carmens and five Carmen Boulognes.

Soon enough, a Carmen might show up on a road near you. The review mentions that the first one headed to a customer is slated for delivery by year’s end.

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