Rally Road Is The Wall Street Of Classic Cars

Forget Bitcoin and bet on a ‘55 Porsche

December 7, 2017 9:00 am

Few things in life are guarantees.

The plot-thickening bitcoin bubble, for example.

But one thing we’re willing to hang our hat on is that the tried-and-true love for classic cars will never waver.

And a new N.Y.-based investment platform called Rally Rd. shares that ethos.

Their new app — just released to a waiting list of 15,000 subscribers — allows you to buy shares in classic cars, from an ‘85 Ferrari Testarossa to a ‘56 Porsche Speedster.

Rally Rd. (4 images)

Here’s how it works:

Rally Rd. acquires investment-grade collectible cars they believe will increase in value over time. If that gives you pause, it’s worth noting that founders Chris, Rob and Max personally cover anywhere from 2%-10% of each car as a vote of confidence.

To boot, it’s an asset class that has outperformed the traditional stock market, fine-art collectibles, gold and real estate in recent years. (Take that ‘85 Testarossa, a $165,000 ride going for $82.50 a share: it’s doubled in estimated value in the past year alone.)

In short, they’ve democratized what was once a purely elitist investment opportunity.

Information about each ride can be found on their app available for iOS (with Android on the horizon), from ownership history to comparable assets to the ever-so-handsome photos. In general, shares start at around $50 with no minimums, and they don’t charge commissions or

management fees on funds invested, so everyone can participate.

For full security, Rally Rd. partners with FINRA registered broker-dealers to confirm all investor identities and oversee all transactions. And when the cars sells via auction, everyone wins.

Find a car that suits your fancy and invest accordingly.

Nota bene: The cars live in a climate-controlled facility near NYC, but if you want to whet your chops, the fellas have a dandy Soho pop-up with some of the rides on display through the end of this week (December 8th) at 40 Wooster.

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