Dealer Pricing Error Leads to Hundreds of Porsche Panamera Down Payments

The error was quickly corrected

Porsche Panamera
That's one stylish Porsche.

What’s better than a brand-new Porsche Panamera? That’s not a rhetorical question; the answer, at least for a significant number of would-be car buyers in China, is “a brand-new Porsche Panamera for almost 90% off the sticker price.” Unfortunately, that’s less a result of Porsche experimenting with a variable pricing policy from country to country and more due to a dealer error.

As Insider reports, the issue came about when a dealer in the city of Yinchuan accidentally listed new Panameras for the equivalent of $18,000. Given that the make and model in question usually costs the equivalent of $142,000, this looked like the automotive bargain to end all bargains — and prospective buyers rushed to put down a deposit.

The article notes that over 500 potential buyers put money down. Unfortunately for them — but fortunately for the dealership’s bottom line — the clerical error was detected and corrected. Posts on social media now suggest that the would-be buyers are beginning to receive refunds for their down payments.

If it’s any consolation to the car dealer in Yinchuan, they’re far from the only auto dealership to find themselves in this situation. A Reddit thread from last year describes the discovery of a pricing error on a Mercedes that would give buyers a $100,000 discount. Plenty of people sell cars. Sometimes, those people get the math wrong. Regardless of the car or the location, it’ll happen every now and then. Still, you can’t blame someone for wanting to jump on what looks like a fantastic automotive bargain.

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