Here’s a Flawless Restoration of Jeep’s Better-Looking Cousin, the Scout II

Just imagine this thing in your driveway

September 27, 2018 9:00 am

We’ve long sung the praises of Jeep, and won’t walk back on that now. If a Wrangler and a coastline can’t do it for you, what will?

But there’s good reason to amend that daydream, just a tad, in the wake of this drop-dead sublime restoration of a Scout II by New Legend, a 4×4 after-market shop based in Iowa.

scout (3 images)

The Scout II, for anyone who needs reminding, battled the Jeep CJ (predecessor to the Wrangler) in the 1970s for off-roading supremacy. It was discontinued decades ago, and finding/maintaining one on your own these days is no easy task. Which is why New Legend doing all the work here is worth every cent of its $165K price tag.

This Scout LSII-One stunts in a custom light army green, and comes coated with poly-urethane around the interior to withstand years in the elements. It puts to use a six-speed automatic gear box, thunders out 420 HP using a 6.2L LSE, and sits on an Outrider chassis. As for contemporary updates: expect LED light bars, a new roof rack and heat and sound in the interior, while retaining the ample seating that made this auto an ideal weekend adventurer in the first place.  

Find more information on purchasing the vehicle here.

All images from New Legend

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