This Adventure Van Outfit Is Looking for Buyers AND Investors

ModVans double as your daily driver and a solid investment

December 26, 2018 9:00 am

We’re not here to give you stock advice (but we’d take some, if you’ve got it). We are, however, happy to alert you to the most exciting investment opportunity this side of White River vacation homes: modular camper vans.

That’s right — Kickstarter is out, ModVans is in. The camper van manufacturer touts its flagship offering, known as the CV1, as a “full featured camper van, family van and work van all in one.” And while they’ve sold about $2.4 million of the transformer-esque road trippers, they’re looking to expand faster and have thus set up a crowdfunding campaign to attract investors.

At the time of writing, miraculously, they’ve racked up $71K from 75 investors with 54 days left in the campaign — at a minimum investment of $101.15. For that, you’ll be purchasing $5.95 per share of Class B non-voting common stock. And as summed up by Start Engine (the crowdfunding platform, which is basically Kickstarter if the incentives were shares instead of keychains and stickers), “you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $13.5M.”

ModVans (2 images)

So what’s this CV1 got that’s so special? “Removable, modular components let you change the layout with ease, and [it] uses the low-roof, medium-length Ford Transit chassis as its base,” writes Curbed. Also, the seats can move from the traditional layout up against the wall, there’s a bed in the pop-up top, and other amenities include removable cabinets, a two-burner stove, sink, refrigerator and even a “toilet closet” with a portable john. And during the campaign, the CV1 is currently $10K off the normal price.

Don’t want to commit to the speculative investment in adventure-vehicle startups for a whopping hundred smackers? You can settle for the van itself for a cool $75K.

Head on over to StartEngine to hear the story from founders Laurie and P.J. Tezza, get the full specs on the CV1 and see if you want to blow that Christmas bonus on some shares.

All images via ModVans

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