The Microlino Is What Happens When a Smart Car Turns Into a Swan

The prettiest front-entry vehicle since, well, probably ever

August 8, 2018 9:00 am

If the new Microlino mini car doesn’t make it as a go-to for city drivers, it’ll almost certainly be cast for an upcoming Pixar movie.

Taking its cue from the BMW Isetta, an iconic 1950s bubble car, the Microlino is a Swiss-designed EV with a max speed of 55 MPH. It can travel 75 miles off one charge, and seats two with a bit of cargo space. (Think enough room for groceries or a couple cases of water.)

Road trip caravan, this is not. But it’s not a bad option for living in a large urban area. Not to mention its quirks are pretty damn endearing. The Microlino can slide in between cars on a sidewalk for easy parking (as exhibited in the video here) and actually opens up for onboarding passengers from the front. What a world.

microlino (6 images)

The Microlino should go for a little under $14,000 (that’s half the price of a Fiat 500e) and will come in eight different colors, each named for a city that the automakers presumably hope will embrace the vehicle. Palettes include: Milano Red, Zurich Blue, Amsterdam Orange, Paris Mint, Barcelona Brown, London Grey, Gotham Black and Vienna White.

Find more info on reserving your Microlino here. The EV just moved into production in the last month, and is expected to start shipping out come 2019.

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