What Exactly Happens in the Exclusive Supercar Owners Circle?

Capped at 150 people, with an average of 65 cars per person

November 30, 2018 9:00 am

A week and a half ago, we came across the Supercar Owners Circle, an exclusive 150-member club of supercar owners, “each with a personal stable value averaging $25 million,” according to Uncrate.

Our first question: What exactly does this club do? Because supercars are by definition prohibitively expensive and powerful. That is, the people who have the cash to buy them frequently haven’t earned the right to that kind of horsepower (supercar crash compilation, anyone?). The smart ones often keep them as trophies on a mantel rather than daily drivers.

But that’s why SOC is intriguing. Using the vehicles as their makers intended is the point of the club, but it’s done in a responsible fashion that balances out the financial recklessness that comes with purchasing a million-dollar car. The events they organize are described as “neither a Concours nor a Rally, but a unique combination of the two.”

How do you become one of the 150 members? Funnily enough, it’s no secret, there are no “a member has to invite you” clauses — you can simply apply on their website. The details they require: full name, email, phone and, naturally, your car collection. SOC notes on their website that the average member owns 65 cars and the average price for each car is $1.2 million. But even so, with an annual membership fee of just £2,500 (~$3,200), precedence is put on quality, not quantity.

Fear not, those of you who only own one measly McLaren, the events they host around the world (there are UAE and Geneva events slated for 2019) are open to those who aren’t members, and you can inquire about attending here.

Check out the video above and head on over to SOC’s website to learn more.

Image: Supercar Owners Circle, via The Financial Times

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