Enjoy 13 Minutes of Idiots Crashing and Burning in Their Supercars

First rule of owning a fancy car: Learn how to drive it.

By Shari Gab

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10 August 2017

When you see someone cruising town in a purple Lamborghini, it’s easy to assume a few things about that person. The phrase “Get a load of this f*cking guy” comes to mind. And while we’d never wish harm on (nearly) anyone, this 13-minute video of pure, unfiltered supercar douchebaggery affirms our assumptions and induces a state of meditative serenity. From angry ol’ ladies to exhaust fires to some seriously reckless and scary maneuvering, it’s proof that no one moron should have all that power.

Except they did forget to include our favorite nimrod MVP, who doesn’t deserve that Porsche 918, but certainly got what he deserved.


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