Need an RV That Can Go Anywhere? Try the Amphibious Caravanboat.

Sleep four if by land and, uh, four if by sea

October 4, 2018 9:00 am

Ever have that “How did people build sh*t out here?” feeling wash over you while driving somewhere remote? You don’t even have to go very far; drive 30 minutes north of nine-million-strong New York City and you’re flush with deer pastures and green hills; it’s hard to imagine the land before its byways and bridges. Or just open a history book and read about Lincoln’s dad moving the family from Kentucky to Illinois, how he built a literal log cabin to raise Abe and his sister.

Given that context, the contemporary human’s ability to go anywhere (seriously though, anywhere) and bring a bed along is a remarkable achievement/luxury. And people know it. It’s why companies keep churning out all manner of RV, tow-behind camper and teardrop trailer.

But if you’re really trying to make your American ancestors jealous, look no further than the Departure One Caravanboat

caravanboat (3 images)

The 30-foot Departure One is a camper by way of motorized houseboat, a cavernous space that sleeps four and includes a kitchen, bathroom, shower and a (solar-paneled) roof terrace. Hitch it to your truck for easy towing and tailgating, or head into the water (for up to two days at a time, if you so desire — it’s energy self-sustaining) and put to use its seawater-resistant hull. While amphibious living situations are nothing new, the Caravanboat’s design is a step up from a wood-paneled houseboat, and allows you to go further into those untouched areas with all the amenities you could ever need.   

The Caravanboat goes for an approachable $68K, though it isn’t available Stateside quite yet. Find more information on acquiring a Departure One here

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