A PCH Road Trip Led by One of the World’s Best Boutique Hotels Will Sell Out in 3, 2…

"Camp Hox" is a classic trip in a classic vehicle, designed by London’s coolest hotel brand

camp hox california
Camp Hox is now taking bookings around the globe — including in California
Sierra Prescott/Hoxton

Ever dream of motoring up the PCH … while staying with one of the world’s coolest hotels? 

Hoxton — the brand behind some of the best-designed hotels in London, Amsterdam, Williamsburg and beyond — has debuted an extension of last summer’s pandemic-motivated Camp Hox. Last August, instead of booking into the brand’s debut hotel in East London, guests could grab a tent-for-two on the lawn of an 18th-century English country estate, Eynsham Hall, a hotel and conference center temporarily reconfigured as a glamp site. 

Now, Camp Hox has returned for this wobbly, mid-/end-pandemic summer — in four locations, and on wheels — for three-night, self-guided trips for two, in specially kitted-out Hoxton vans. 

Unfortunately, the U.K. edition — touring through East Sussex and back to London — has already sold out, but three remain: a Paris-to-Normandy exploration through the cider-making Calvados region; a Amsterdam-to-Frieslanad trip through the Netherlands; and most pertinent to our discussions today, a three-night tour up the California coast, ending at the Hoxton in DTLA. 

The amenities are second to none

The amenities, as you’d expect, have been mindfully curated: You’ll be driving yourself and a guest of your selection up the PCH in “your very own Hox van,” to pre-booked (and Hoxton-approved) campsites. Along the way, you’ll make use of Blank-brand toiletries (convenient since they’re sold out on the Hoxton’s website), an Origin coffee machine, and (obvs) Minor Figures oat milk, plus a barbecue and camp chairs. For the full experience, you’ll want to drive to the Hoxton-curated playlist and lay down in Hoxton-brand bed linens. We’re pretty sure this is what all those marketers meant by a 360-degree brand experience. 

That said, it is sure to be very fun, and very photogenic, and very popular — places are still available now for the August departures, and at $1,200-$1,275 a van (depending on if your departing on Monday or Friday; it’s $75 on weekends) will surely sell out. We see some June and July dates have already booked out — but if you’re impatient, a single date in May (May 31) is up for grabs.


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