An Infamous Amsterdam Houseboat Is Leaving the Water After Over a Century

The Dogger has been in its current location for a while

The canals of Amsterdam are home to many houseboats.
Adrien Olichon/Unsplash

Whether it’s a megayacht or a modest houseboat, there’s something that assorted aquatic homes have in common: they’re going to need to get their inhabitants from place to place. And if some of those places don’t have drawbridges, their height could prove to be an issue. The world got a very clear demonstration of that earlier this year, when it seemed that Jeff Bezos’s yacht would require a Rotterdam bridge to be dismantled.

Now, an hour to the northeast, another boat/bridge dilemma is coming into focus — though this one is taking place at a much more modest scale. The Guardian reported on a houseboat named the Dogger, which can currently be found on the side of a canal in Amsterdam.

The Dogger began its life as a vessel used for transportation by breweries. It was built in 1865 and has — according to the article — not left the water for repairs in 134 years. Given the importance of regular maintenance to keeping houseboats operational, this is a bit longer than is recommended. Unfortunately, its age has also left the boat effectively uninsurable, or so its owner told The Guardian.

Removing the houseboat from the canal will also involve dismantling parts of it along the way, as it’s currently too tall to pass beneath some of the city’s bridges. As for its ultimate destination, that remains to be seen.

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