Can This Tesla Camper Break the RV Speed Record?

The Model S-based Roamer will hopefully reach 150 MPH

The Tesla Roamer electric camper prototype will debut on April 17th.
The Tesla Roamer electric camper prototype will debut on April 17th.
Travis Rabenberg

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If we’re lucky, we’ll see a Tesla pickup truck this summer. But instead of waiting for Elon Musk’s camper-ready electric vehicle, entrepreneur and world traveler Travis Rabenberg is building his own — an RV he’s calling the Tesla Roamer.

The Roamer is a motor home based on a Tesla Model S 70D which Rabenberg will debut on April 17 at an EV ride and drive event in Lansing, Michigan, according to a press release. His end goal is twofold: break the Guinness World Record for fastest electric motor home, then drive it from England to Dubai for the World Expo 2020.

As it stands, there is no EV-specific designation, but the Guinness record for fastest motor home is 141.3 MPH held by Simon Robins. The Tesla Roamer has an expected top speed of 150 MPH, so it could potentially become king of all RVs, regardless of fuel source.

Of course, the image above is only a rendering, and as Rabenberg has yet to release any footage of the prototype, this is all speculation. But he has both the mechanical know-how and adventure chops to back up his claims, having recently driven from Chile to Alaska in a custom 4×4 ambulance and previously finished globe-spanning trips with more traditional camper vans and motorcycles.

Additional specs for the Roamer include a range of 200 miles, 406 lb.-ft. of torque and a solar-panel adorned, pop-top camper on the hacked-off back end that features a bed, sink and toilet. We’ll see how much truth there is to it when the prototype debuts tomorrow.

If it delivers, like the Tesla station wagon before it, we wouldn’t put it past a savvy investor to commission a limited production run.

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