The Resurrected Bowlus Road Chief Just Released Its Longest Trailer Yet

The brand that inspired Airstream now comes in a 26' edition

November 12, 2018 9:00 am

When Bowlus Road Chief, the original camping trailer that inspired Airstream, relaunched back in 2013, their stated purpose was “to stay true to our design DNA with a philosophy that reflects our passion for adventure and innovation paired with our deep love of America.”

What does a deep love of American entail? Going bigger, of course; ergo Bowlus’s newest and longest trailer yet, the On The Road 26’ Edition.

It retains the mirrored, aircraft-riveted aluminum exterior that’ll make you the envy of the long-haul truckers you meet at rest stops, but with some added personal space should you be pushing it to its four-person sleeping capacity.

All previous Bowlus trailers clock in just under 24 feet and sleep four people as well, with the Heritage Edition being the sole three-person sleeper, but this newly released 26-foot version distinguishes itself in other ways, too. For one, the bathroom has been gloriously split, with a cassette-style toilet with stainless-steel sink and vanity on one side, and across the hall a luxurious (for a trailer) teak-floored shower with a shower head that can be pulled out the side for al fresco use.

Other specs include a beefed up 4kWh lithium battery for going up to a week off the grid, as well as their standard full kitchen (refrigerator/freezer combo, microwave, two-burner cooktop), heated flooring, A/C unit, private wifi network and other modern amenities. All that puts this Bowlus at a gross vehicle weight rating of 4,000 lbs.

WIth Bowlus putting a premium on heritage, the On The Road 26’ is priced at a hefty $185,000.

Considering the new Bowlus owners revived the company after driving around America in an overhauled Road Chief from 1935, if the new editions have the same resilience, it’ll be more than worth the initial expense.

Main image via Bowlus Road Chief

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