This Tiny Home Could Survive a Century-Long Winter Beyond The Wall

Fireplace, heated floors and best-in-class ventilation? Check.

June 13, 2018 9:00 am

You wouldn’t think a tiny home would be hard to heat. Small space equals easier heat retention and diffusion, right?

Not exactly.

The truth is that many tiny homes cut corners on materials and proper heating mechanisms in the name of economics, and what you’re left with is a domicile that will offer a ton of great Instagrams but very little in the way of shelter or insulation from any true four-seasons climate.

Going the extra (northward) mile? The Aspen from Borealis Tiny Homes, a gentle giant of a mobile home that’s more than capable of transporting modern succor to the continent’s more unforgiving environs.

borealis (4 images)

Fledgling of British Columbian carpenter Marco Giroux, the Aspen comes with two levels: 200 square feet of living area on the bottom, plus a 68-square-foot loft atop. Throughout, all surfaces are ensconced in good old-fashioned, frontier-quality Canadian woods, like locally milled aspen for the interior loft, cedar for the exterior siding and even bamboo countertops in the kitchen.

Beyond the brawn, though, is a commitment to coziness and heat efficiency, from radiant underfloor heating to a Lunos E2 ventilation system, which smartly captures and redistributes heat without the need for ducts. Plus: a gel-fuel fireplace, hot water and possibly the best tiny-home blanket we’ve yet seen.

You can find more info on pricing (it’s steep, but not too bad) here.

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