Here’s a Smart Bike Lock You’ll Never Have to Lug Around

The Bisecu is discreet and convenient as hell

October 18, 2017 9:00 am

The smartphone-enabled Bisecu aims to make it easier for you to ride and harder for punks to steal your bike. The new smart bicycle lock connects to the hub of the front bicycle tire and is touted to be uncuttable. The rider simply locks and unlocks the device via an app.

And if you’re thinking what’s stopping a shady character from just picking up the whole bike and running, on first touch an alarm sounds and a notification is sent to the user’s phone. 

bike (3 images)

And just because the makers are super bright and nice, the Bisecu does a whole heck of a lot more, functioning as a calorie counter, speedometer and distance-tracking companion device.

Currently on Kickstarter, having surpassed its $30k goal, you can still become an early backer and snag yours for $89.

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