Aston Martin’s “Goldfinger” Replica Cars Will Have Actual, Working Gadgets

Oil slicks, smoke screens and “machine guns.” Yes, they're for sale.

Aston Martin is selling replicas of the DB5 from "Goldfinger," working gadgets and all.
Aston Martin is selling replicas of the DB5 from "Goldfinger," working gadgets and all.
Aston Martin

When we reported in August that Aston Martin would sell 25 Goldfinger continuation cars — replicas based on Sean Connery’s DB5 from the 1964 James Bond film — the only gadget the marque had committed to was the revolving license plates. Today, Aston Martin unveiled the full list of working gadgets that will appear in the $3.5 million cars. Plus, they’ve released a video showing a few of them in action.

The expert talking through the spy armaments is none other than Chris Corbould, the Academy Award-winning special effects supervisor for eight Bond films, beginning with ‘95’s GoldenEye. Courbould has personally been working with Aston Martin’s engineers on the gadgets.

The full list includes an oil slick, smoke screen, rotating license plates, simulated twin machine guns, retractable bulletproof shields, extending bumper rams, telephone in the driver’s door, faux radar, ejector seat switches and weapons tray under the seats.

Yes, all are technically “working,” but not all are fully functional. For example, the bulletproof shields are not designed to be life-saving devices, the ejector seat switches aren’t actually connected to an ejector seat and the machine guns will only “emit light and include a sound effect,” writes Bloomberg. The latter is one of the three gadgets Corbould demonstrates in the video below, but pales in comparison to the other two: the Bond-worthy oil slick and smoke screen.

According to a press release from August, 28 of these DB5s will be made, but only 25 will be sold to the public. And according to Bloomberg, “the majority” of those are spoken for, so get in touch with Aston ASAP if you’ve got a Skyfall-esque plot of private land where you want to cosplay as Bond (because, as you may have guessed, these big-boy toys aren’t road legal).

If you don’t have $3.5M to shell out, at least there’s another Bond movie to look forward to. Ah, what’s that? Shooting has been suspended because Daniel Craig has been injured? Well, there are always reruns.

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