The Electric Bike You Need to Conquer SF

50 miles. Single charge. No pedaling.

By The Editors
August 24, 2015 9:00 am

After a brief stay in the least hygienic hotel in the whole of the Tenderloin, your correspondent’s first home in S.F. sat atop Telegraph Hill.

At the foot, there were two choices:

Hike, or wait for the once-an-hour bus.

Fist-shake-inducingly absent from this scenario:

Bolt, a super-stylish electric two-wheeler designed in the Inner Richmond, now taking preorders.

Top speed in town: 20 miles per hour. Off road? Sky’s the limit. (Read: about 40.)

Most importantly, it’ll get you up and down our fair city’s hills: Bolt does 50 miles on a single charge.

The batteries are made to last a decade. As for licenses? Not required.

And Bolt’s makers promise us it’s good to go in the rain: “You can actually ride the M-1 under water (assuming it has very low ionic content).”

Hill-friendly, rain-resistant and environmentally friendly.

If the Bolt’s not a bike custom built for S.F., we don’t know what is.

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