Watches | November 4, 2019 1:09 pm

Like Greats Sneakers? Then You’re Gonna Love Their New Watch.

This limited-edition Navi is not the brand's first Timex collab, but it is the best

Greats Timex Collab Navi Watch
The new Greats x Timex Navi watch featured a recycled strap, luminous hands and PVD coating.

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Back in the day, we went to Greats for one thing: a well-priced, unique, minimalist sneaker that wasn’t a rip-off of Nike or Adidas (like many new brands tend to be). But back in August, the little shoemaker that could was acquired by Steve Madden, and since then they’ve taken the gloves off, offering everything from triple-black recycled to shearling-lined to safari print sneakers.

Now, they’re moving on to non-shoe items. Today, Greats unveiled a limited-edition version of the dive-inspired Timex Navi watch. And just like their shoes, the timepiece is affordable and sleek, with choice details for those who take the time to appreciate them.

Right away, the matte-black PVD coating on the case, bezel and crown paired with the black post-consumer recycled polyester strap make for a rugged, versatile watch. But zooming in on the face, the Greats collaboration quickly differentiates itself from other Navi styles available from Timex. The three different hands are the focal point, especially the arrow-capped minute hand and orange-tipped seconds. But the most welcome detail is that instead of slapping both logos on the face and calling it a day (as many watch collabs do these days), Greats is orange to smartly match the second hand and Timex is in black, which mutes its impact against the grey dial.

Wait a second, Greats and Timex made a design choice that actually benefits the watch at the expense of the brand? That’s how you know this is one to consider.

Greats Timex Navi Watch
Even though this Greats x Timex Navi is just “dive-inspired,” it still is water resistant to 100 meters. (Greats)

This is actually the second watch Greats has made with Timex. The reason you may not have heard about the Bayman, the first collaboration, is because it sold out quickly. But looking at both now, the Bayman was an exercise in maximalism: oversized hour markers, 43mm case and bold blue colors — taking the diving inspiration very, very literally. It seems like Greats learned a few tricks of the trade for this new Navi, and as such it will most likely sell out even faster.