Vehicles | September 21, 2016 5:00 am

This Rally Car Racer Narrowly Avoids a Freight Train

If you’re not a fan of rally car racing, you will be after watching Ken Block behind the wheel. Named “Rookie of the Year” on the professional rally car circuit in 2005, Block went on to win a number of X Games medals—but more importantly for his sport, he’s grabbed the attention of hundreds of millions of viewers on YouTube with his wildly popular “Gymkhana” series. The videos showcase Block revving up and peeling out on the streets of Dubai, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

For the ninth Gymkhana installment, Block veered off the beaten path a bit—and a little closer to home for us East Coasters. This time around, Block landed in Buffalo, New York, armed to the teeth with a new group of obstacles—including a speeding freight train. (It goes without saying, but please don’t try this at home.)

Watch as Block makes The Fast and the Furious look like child’s play below.