There’s Now an Airbnb for Motorcycles

Like his grill, wife and thermostat, you should never touch another man’s motorcycle.

Unless, of couse, he’s got it listed on Twisted Road, a new nationally available peer-to-peer service that connects bike owners with bike renters online.

Searchable by make, location or model year, Twisted Road simply requires renters to find a ride they like, upload their insurance info and then work out pickup details with the owner. Once they’re done with the bike, it must be returned with a full tank to a previously agreed upon spot. Owners can reject any applicant they feel is unqualified, and Twisted Road — which takes a 30% commission on all rentals —  will cover any damages a motorcycle receives up to $15,000.

Currently stocked with nearly 300 rental options across the continental United States, prices on Twisted Road range from as little as $75 a day for an ‘04 Harley to as much as $200 for a ‘16 Triumph.

To list your bike or rent one for the great American road trip you’re destined to take, register here.