Vehicles | May 31, 2016 9:00 am

The Best Commuter Bikes for Every Breed of Cyclist

From getting an AM adrenaline fix to replacing your car

If you can commute to work on a bike, congratulations!

Merely having that option as a reality is the hardest part.

The second hardest: choosing the bike that’s best fit for you.

It really comes down to use case: Do you need a heavy-duty bike with front and rear racks, or something fast and light that can still tackle chewed-up asphalt? Do you need a dedicated cargo bike with enough stowing space for a Home Depot run — or even to drop your kids off at school on your way to work?

No matter your predilections, we’ve got a set of wheels for you.

The Cannondale Synapse Adventure
Perfect for: Getting your adrenaline fix in before work

Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and fenders, this is not your typical Cannondale. Hearkening back to the company’s tourers from the ‘90s, don’t let the classy styling fool you: the Synapse is built to go fast, and do so in all conditions. ($2,130)

The Surly Big Dummy
Perfect for: Those looking to replace their car

Another great offering from Surly. Built with a tough steel frame, this rig is burly enough to handle any conditions, any season and any application. And the rear rack can be modified to accommodate pretty much anything. ($2,000)

The Felt York
Perfect for: Feeling the summer breeze on your face

The York is Felt’s stylish yet understated homage to the British tourers of yore with a contemporary twist. Built with a steel frameset and a single-speed drivetrain, the York is a no-fuss bike you can breeze around the city on … and not worry about locking up. ($729)

The State Bicycles Thunderbird
Perfect for: Commuting on-road and -off 365 days a year

This bike does double duty: both as a disc brake-equipped commuter and as a weekend cyclocross racer. Available either in a bare frameset or a down-to-business single-speed build, the Thunderbird can be converted to accept gears as well. ($999)

The Space Horse
Perfect for: Keeping all roads open, regardless of the destination

All-City is another stellar small-scale builder putting out quality bikes. Their Space Horse is no different, built to accommodate fenders and front and rear racks. This bike can take as far as you want to go — whether it’s to the Whole Foods four miles away or the Yucatan Peninsula. Cantilever brakes and the steel frame keep things simple and reliable. ($1,599.00)

Main image via Jaymie Miguel / Flickr