Tesla will soon offer robotaxis
Tesla will soon offer robotaxis. (Win McNamee/ Getty)
By Evan Bleier / February 14, 2019 9:06 am

Tesla will, Tesla will, rock you. If you are a car thief that is.

In order to stop car thieves, Tesla has released a new update which not only monitors the marque’s cars, but can also fight back when a threat is detected.

Relying on a Tesla’s onboard camera, Sentry Mode monitors threat levels and reacts accordingly.

If someone leans against the car, a message telling them to beat is displayed on the car’s central tablet. If they don’t move away, then the lights in the center display illuminate.

And, to take things up a notch, the car’s audio system will also start playing music at full blast in order to help alert police about where the unwanted contact is taking place.

As an added layer of security, the car will also alert the owner about the threat and begin recording what is happening in order to provide a record of the incident.

Already available on Model 3 vehicles, the feature will roll out on Model X and Model S models soon.

If all of that sounds a little extreme, you obviously don’t know what Elon Musk is capable of when it comes to Tesla updates …