Vehicles | October 31, 2017 9:00 am

Pictured: One Spankin’ New Siberian Sidecar, Ready for Delivery

Not pictured: Your dog and two pairs of those novelty goggles

It could be your better half, it could be your dad, or hell, it could be your dog. It doesn’t matter who’s sitting next to you in a sidecar — doing so is an act of badass comradery that we’re 100% in support of.

Especially if it’s in the Ural Gear Up, a new adventure-focused moto with sidecar from the famed Russian company.

ural gear up (7 images)

Yes, they still make things in Russia (aside from trouble), and these three-wheeled vehicles with a nod towards the ’30s and ’40s (think Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) now have enough space for luggage, a spare tire, a jerry can and camping gear. 

They also have bigger tires and a more robust suspension system, capable of handling the mud, snow and ice.  

Bon voyage.