You’ll Need Your Scuba Gear to Eat at This Underwater Restaurant

If you ever dreamed of eating below water, the future has officially arrived. 

You’ll need to travel to Brussels, though — to The Pearl, a restaurant that serves a table of guests (up to four) in an underwater sphere

Tragically, there are no fish — except for the ones on the menu. 

Guests need a scuba tank, mask and fins to access the chamber, tethered to the pool floor about 15 feet below the surface. Once arrived, guests can remove their gear: The space, about six feet wide, has breathable air pumped inside, which means guests can get by with their lungs and nothing else. 

After that, they’re free to enjoy their €100 dinner, which generally features high-end foodstuffs like lobster, foie gras, and Champagne. 

Because nothing says luxury like dinner in a wetsuit.