Travel | March 1, 2017 9:00 am

You’ll Need Your Scuba Gear to Eat at This Underwater Restaurant

Honey, get the oxygen tank. It's time for dinner.'

If you ever dreamed of eating below water, the future has officially arrived. 

You’ll need to travel to Brussels, though — to The Pearl, a restaurant that serves a table of guests (up to four) in an underwater sphere

Tragically, there are no fish — except for the ones on the menu. 

Guests need a scuba tank, mask and fins to access the chamber, tethered to the pool floor about 15 feet below the surface. Once arrived, guests can remove their gear: The space, about six feet wide, has breathable air pumped inside, which means guests can get by with their lungs and nothing else. 

After that, they’re free to enjoy their €100 dinner, which generally features high-end foodstuffs like lobster, foie gras, and Champagne. 

Because nothing says luxury like dinner in a wetsuit.