Travel | November 7, 2017 9:00 am

For $1,150 a Night, This Hotel Room in the Woods Includes Free Wifi

Vipp's self-service ‘hotels’ offer experiences, not amenities

For $1,150 a night, you expect a hotel room to include such amenities as a 24-hour concierge, luxury spa and fitness facilities or, at the very least, a continental breakfast.

Vipp — the Danish firm that previously caught our attention with a line of pre-fab, turnkey shelters — apparently does not agree: rooms at their new self-service “hotels” include none of those things — and that’s despite a starting rate of 1,000 euros per night.

Essentially three distinct dwellings — two open, one set to debut in 2018 — placed at different locations, Vipp’s non-traditional hotels put a premium on offering unique experiences and essentials rather than standard services and amenities.

Christened the Shelter, Loft and Chimney House (names that give some indication of what guests can expect), the “curated design destinations” include the opportunity to travel to an interesting location and enjoy “considered amenities” such as a select bottle of champagne, care products by Aèsop and organic cotton towels and bedding upon arrival. 

To make the experiences more memorable, Vipp’ gives guests the chance to “engage with the interior of our rooms” by cooking their own food in the on-site kitchen — groceries not included.

VIPP Hotels (4 images)

“As soon as you check in at the Vipp hotel, it’s fully booked,” the company says. “That is because the Vipp hotel is not a hotel in the traditional sense. Instead of having many rooms in one location, we offer unique rooms at various destinations.”

Still, at least the wifi is free.