Travel | May 10, 2016 9:00 am

Airlines Are Practically Paying You to Fly This Summer

Seriously: Flights haven’t been this cheap in seven years

Bad news fellas: you’re gonna need a new excuse for skipping the annual family reunion.

“Flights are outrageous!” no longer applies.

Reduced jet fuel prices and efforts by discount airlines to undercut standard carriers have experts predicting that domestic flight prices will be as low as they have been in the past seven years this summer.

The average domestic round-trip flight next month will cost $240 — a 20% decrease from two years ago! — according to flight prediction app and website Hopper.

The best part? June is when flight prices will peak.

Hopper predicts that prices will continue to drop throughout the summer, and that by August, average flights will be $211 before dropping to $207 in September and $206 in October.

The prices of trips to domestic destinations like Anchorage, Miami, Las Vegas and Portland are especially likely to fall, as is the cost of traveling to international cities like Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Buenos Aires and London, according to Hopper’s analysis of more than a trillion flight prices.

It’s not free to move about the country, but it’s pretty damn close.