Travel | December 6, 2018 9:00 am

These 7 Airbnbs Are Literally Castles

From a Scottish Highlands fortress to a Tuscan abbey

In case you didn’t hear, 2019 is the year of the castle vacation

Way back when, it would take a small revolution for you and your fellow plebs to see the inside of these fortresses, abbeys and chateaus. Nowadays, with a little coin and a lot of group planning, you’re just one booking page away from shooting pool in the throne room.

The key to a succesful castle vacation? Rallying the troops. This is crucial.  Staying in a 600-year-old, 20-room building with just your sweetheart will not only incinerate the debit balance, it’s also lonely. And spooky. Don’t complain to us when you head to the bathroom in the middle of the night and see some creepy children in Victorian dress giggling down the hallway. 

So, numbers. You’ll want somewhere you can post up either with a bunch of friends, or a couple families. Somewhere that mixes the old (turrets, gardens, tapestries) with the new (pools, renovated bedrooms, game rooms). Which, divvied up among 15 people, will clock in at rates that beat that whiny mouse and his fake castle down in Orlando. 

To wit: we present seven literal castles on Airbnb, located in the Scottish Highlands, the Italian countyside and quite a few kingdoms in between. Unsurpisingly, the majority of these behemoths will take you across the pond, but we did find one stateside, which though a mill, earned “Castle” filter status on the site. 

Get to booking, then get ready for your Jon Snow moment. 

1 (3 images)

San Giusto Abbey
Tuscania, Italy


2 (3 images)

Wilton Castle
Bree, Ireland


3 (3 images)

16th Century Castle
Locgilphead, Scotland


4 (3 images)

Paradise Island
Beaulieu sur Loire, France


5 (3 images)

Castell Bohiio
Llucmajor, Spain


6 (3 images)

Dallund Slot


7 (3 images)

Kingsley Grist Mill
Clarendon, Vermont


All images from Airbnb