Style | May 20, 2022 10:08 am

As Summer Approaches, Sunski Sunglasses Are 25% Off

Every pair is lightweight, durable and polarized. And well under $100.

Shop the sitewide Sunski sale in 2022
Shop the sitewide Sunski sale
Getty Images, Jose A. Bernat Bacete

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There are two traditional ways you can try to find the perfect pair of sunglasses. Your best bet is to locate a nearby storefront where you’ll try on pairs in-person, but most of us don’t have the luxury of passively shopping for shades. That’s why we often defer to the other option: ordering sunglasses online. We hope beyond hope that the one pair we choose looks decent enough for sunny occasions when it arrives in the mail, and if it doesn’t, we’re fated to return them and start the process over again.

As someone who struggles annually to find the perfect pair of sunglasses, I know all too well how exhausting and frustrating the process can be. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even like buying sunglasses because the pairs that arrive in the mail are cheap, overly delicate and sometimes even downright damaged. But my outlook changed when Sunski reached out asking if our staffers would like to try any of their shades, which we did.

Heading to their website, I noticed a virtual try-on button that superimposed a pair of Sunski shades over my face, at which point I began “testing” pairs one at a time before ordering the outdoors-inspired Treelines. When they arrived in the mail, I was genuinely surprised by the quality, durability and attention to detail, not to mention the fact that they actually looked as good in person as they did online. In recent weeks, they’ve become my go-to shades and likely will be all summer long.

The California label designs beautiful, capable shades that look good and won’t break the bank. And best of all, you can take 25% off sitewide now through 5/30, which gives you 10 whole days to find the perfect pair of sunglasses from the comfort of your own home. Below, I’ve included a few pairs to consider that are sure to boost your summer style no matter the occasion.

Sunski Treeline in Tortoise shell turquoise
Sunski Treeline


A modern take on the classic glacier sunglasses, I’m still rocking the Treelines after receiving a pair in the mail weeks ago. The design is incredibly comfortable, the lenses are polarized for superior protection and the frames are made of recycled materials. I dropped them on the pavement last week and closed my eyes before they hit the ground, too afraid to watch them fall apart in seconds, but they didn’t suffer a single scratch. The included carrying case protects them from other objects in my pack, and the sun shields are easy to remove when I’m not summiting a local peak. Find them in four outdoorsy colors.

Find the stylish Sunski Dipsea on sale at the Sunski Memorial Day sale
Sunski Dipsea


Featuring a classic round shap, the Dipsea also employs polarized lenses and SuperLight recycled frames that are practically featherweight. The all-day comfort ensures you can wear these shades for hours without experiencing a single moment of discomfort, and the lifetime warranty protects them for years to come. Find the Dipsea in eight eye-catching colors, each one saucier than the last.

The Sunski Velo is a great, bold stylish choice of shades for summer
Sunski Velo


The large frame size and performance wrapping make the Velo a perfect option for cycling, but don’t be surprised if you reach for these shades before day parties and park hangouts. The rubberized nose bridge secures the frames on your face even as you work up a sweat while a center vent prevents fogging in the heat of the moment. Like all Sunski models, these feature polarized lenses, an all-day comfort fit and a lifetime warranty. Choose from three vibrant colors to find the one pair that looks just right.