Style | May 14, 2015 9:00 am

The Simplest Way to Stay Fit This Summer

Comfiest, too.

By The Editors

Exercise has become, well, an exercise.

We’ve traded in the chin-up bars, kettlebells and eight-lane running ovals of yore for an increasingly ludicrous consortium of Fitbits, nanotech-enhanced activewear and cult-positive obstacle races.

Bringing fitness back to its roots: Outdoor Voices, a refreshingly uncomplicated wardrobe for your active time, now available.

OV runs on an easy-to-remember motto:

Doing Things is better than Not Doing Things.

I.e., put this on and get started.

Everything from OV is super-comfy, eminently breathable and good-looking from the go.

And without a lot of flash. The gear here comes in flattering, easy-to-match shades like overdyed ash, shattered cold blue steel and black.

Nothing to tax your mind while you’re taxing your body.

The core pieces:

Plus: loose-knit crew Ts, moss jersey running sweats and possibly the softest gym towel you’ll ever use.

Buy ’em all in a kit and save about $70.

Easy choice.

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