Meet Your New Favorite All-Purpose Sneakers. They’re Brazilian.
By The Editors / February 13, 2019 9:00 am

Your sneaker collection is similar to your closet in one crucial way: within each are classics you’ll stand by forever, and others you’ll cringe at when you show up donning them on Timehop in 10 years (see: those alien-esque chunky sneakers).

That said, there’s no reason for you to limit your footwear to the same brands your dad rocked in the ‘70s. The phrase “new classic” isn’t an oxymoron, after all, as evidenced by our new favorite sneaker brand, CARIUMA.

Cariuma’s lineup of canvas, leather and suede sneakers screams one word: versatility. That is to say, they’ll do equally well paired with an unstructured blazer as you dash to a crosstown meeting, or with your go-to denim for a weekend drive out of town.

Once you slip them on, the difference between Cariuma and the other guys immediately becomes clear. “Immediately?” you ask. “Don’t all shoes have to be broken in?” True enough, but the fair-trade cotton canvas Cariuma uses is pre-washed, which gives them that coveted broken-in feel right out of the box.

Underneath, their proprietary hybrid insole keeps your dogs from barking, while the raw natural rubber outsole is inherently flexible (and eye-catching, to boot). And like all sneakers that have stood the test of time, Cariuma has their own signature — just look for the leaf.

You’ll want to test them out for yourself, so Cariuma is offering our readers $20 off any purchase with the code INSIDEHOOK. But because they’ve got almost 50 to choose from, you’ll find our three sneakers of choice below.

The OCA Low Canvas Sneaker in White
Meet your new favorite white canvas sneaker. Pair it with a suit or shorts, wear it downtown or to the distillery.


The OCA Low Canvas Sneaker in Black
The black upper goes with everything, while the handmade vulcanized rubber outsole can handle everything. (And who doesn’t love a cap toe?)


The OCA High Canvas Sneaker in Red
Where other high-tops seem too fashion-forward (or backward, depending on your taste), Cariuma keeps the cut and color palette classic. Yes, you can pull these off.