Sports | May 31, 2022 6:00 am

Why Watching Sports Is Part of Tim Tebow’s Wellness Regimen

A conversation with the former Heisman Trophy winner and his wife Demi-Leigh Tebow about health and life

Tim Tebow and his wife Demi-Leigh Tebow enjoy a little down time
Tim Tebow and his wife Demi-Leigh Tebow enjoy a little down time.
Restore Hyper Wellness

When they aren’t on the road for work, play or a philanthropic cause, former first-round NFL draft pick and ex-pro baseball player Tim Tebow and his wife Demi-Leigh Tebow, Miss Universe 2017, are at the home they share in Jacksonville with their three canine housemates Chunk, Kobe, and Paris.

Chances are, they aren’t relaxing.

The Tebows are dedicated to staying active and, aside from the occasional binge-watch of Yellowstone or The Crown, don’t do a lot of sitting around. What they do end up doing a lot is heading to their local Restore Hyper Wellness location for wellness treatments including IV drip therapy, cryotherapy, compression therapy and infrared therapy.

After identifying Restore as a good way to recover from being away from home for ministry work, business obligations, speaking engagements and traveling to see Demi-Leigh’s family in South Africa, the Tebows became involved with the brand financially as investors and ambassadors. “We love being able to do the things that we do, but you can’t pour out of an empty cup,” Demi-Leigh tells InsideHook. “They really focus on proactive health. Restore doesn’t just help me get better, it helps me be better on the front­ end. I would not be able to show up and be my best self and be able to pour into other people when I’m pouring out of an empty cup. Being proactive with our health is important.”

In addition to trips to the Jacksonville wellness center, Tim cites spending time in the outdoors and avoiding processed foods that contain lots of sugar and other additives as much as possible as keys to staying healthy both mentally and physically. “I think sometimes people don’t know how good they can feel until they give it a try,” he says. “I know it’s hard to say no to some extra fries and say yes to vegetables — until you try it and you feel good. Life is hard and it’s stressful. We need to put the right nutrients in our bodies to get the results we’re going after.”

Interestingly, one of the causes of the former Heisman winner’s stress is also something that keeps him balanced: watching sports. “I think people having teams to root for and a chance to escape the monotony of the day and cheer is healthy,” says the two-time national college football champ. “It’s good to be passionate and care about things. Yes, there’s stress that goes with it, but I think it’s healthy. It gives you joy and excitement. It doesn’t even have to be your team. I can’t wait for March Madness and I don’t know half of the players. The love of sports can be very healthy if we keep it in perspective.”

To illustrate his point, the former Gator, who says he’s cried after a lot of losses and is still passionate about the teams he’s played for the teammates he’s played with, describes what he has on the wall directly outside the entrance to his man cave in Florida.

“You should see me watch a Gator game. I don’t sit down for the whole game pretty much. But it’s not life and death. It’s not everything,” he says. “So, outside of my man cave, I put a painting of one of our sweet special needs orphans in Haiti who unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago because the hospitals wouldn’t take him because he had special needs. They viewed him as cursed. It’s a reminder. I can go in there, watch the games and be passionate, but when I’m leaving I need a reminder of what really matters. People really matter. That boy’s sweet smile reminds me, ‘Okay, the game’s not everything.’ It’s important to put life in totality into perspective.”

The Tebows’ trio of four-legged friends helps with that too. “The dogs make us so happy,” Demi-Leigh says. “Chunk is my shadow. Kobe is everyone’s friend. Paris is a daddy’s girl. Their unique little personalities bring us so much joy.”