New York | August 20, 2012 9:00 am

Beer’d Science

By Kunal

It’s always nice to get together with the fellas, drink a few beers, and debate with great brio and conviction subjects you know absolutely nothing about.

Next time, let the pros drop science at The Empiricist League, a monthly symposium of brilliant eggheads who present their knowledge on a variety of apocalyptic subjects, taking place Wednesday night on the LES.

Created by an ad exec and authority on New York’s secret urban infrastructure, The Empiricist League quietly meets in the basement of Lolita Bar on Broome.

Wednesday night’s topic is “Beyond Thunderdome: The Science of Apocalypse and Impending Doom”, featuring:

    • Scientific American’s executive editor (and a recent Daily Show guest), who’ll discuss his new book on superviruses and killer machines.
    • A Science Channel host, who’ll tutor you on how to survive the apocalypse using things like car batteries and Drano.
    • A Ph.D astronomer dishing on interplanetary threats, from giant asteroids to black holes.

    To attend, simply RSVP on Facebook – it’s first come, first served and space is limited to 60, so early arrival is recommended.

    Marking this the first time ever you’ve shown up early for science class.