New York | October 27, 2017 9:00 am

The Best NYC Spas for Gents of Every Stripe and Color

Well hello there, rooftop infinity pool

The subway. Sirens. Your boss. Everything.

New York is beautiful. But it’s also loud, violent and inescapable. You owe it to yourself to occasionally shut it out.

Might we suggest doing so in a rooftop infinity pool overlooking the city with a watermelon mint cooler in hand?

That’s what you’ll find at SoJo, a new three-floor house of relaxation just across the Hudson.

Too far? Fret not: We’ve got six other bathhouse options nearby.

Surely at least one falls somewhere on your commute.

For full recuperation: SoJo Spa Club
Clear the schedule: you’re going to want to be here for approximately forever. The fresh SoJo Spa Club is just a shuttle away from the rat race in Edgewater, NJ. You’re in store for five saunas, a ganbanyoku (heated stone bed) room and five outdoor pools … including one drop-dead gorgeous sky-drenched infinity. The fare is excellent, the shiatsu is masterful and, thankfully, selfies are explicitly not allowed.

For sexy peace and quiet: Aire Ancient Baths
Sultry and serene, Aire is FiDi’s answer to our high-blood-pressure prayers. Plenty of baths and steaming to go around, as they limit the capacity. And the massage services are whatever comes after top-notch.

For sweatin’ out your demons: Russian Turkish Baths
People relax in different ways. This way is noisy, crowded and may involve getting a detoxifying eucalyptus beatdown. That being said, it’s totally great and an NYC legend. The perfect place for dropping 10 pounds of water weight in one sitting is the perfect place for combating hangovers.

For detoxing while re-toxing: Premier 57
Unlike its sister spa, Spa Castle, no little munchkins are allowed at this locale. Premier is ideal for all things chillin’ and makes for a pretty amazing date spot. It’s open late, has a gaggle of saunas and pools, and they serve mighty tasty cocktails.

For a quick hit: Chill Space
This is where you go when you only have a sliver of an afternoon to hit the refresh button. Start in the cryosauna. After, you’re going to have yourself some flotation therapy. And then you’re going to wrap things up with a session in the infrared spa. In, out, new you.

For the whole family: King Spa
Another shuttle ride out of Manhattan and you’ll land at King Spa. It’s a massive, traditional Korean bathhouse and, yes, you’ll be wearing those awesome but unflattering spa garments. So will everyone else. My personal favorite thing about the place is that they are open 24 hours and play the basketball games.

For destination relaxation: Mirabeau Inn and Spa
It’s like taking a small journey to the charming French countryside, but you’re in Skaneateles, NY instead. If you really need to leave it all behind for a breather, this is your huckleberry. It’s a comprehensive escape with 18 treatment rooms, steam, sauna, outdoor spa pools, fireplaces and every type of regimen for mind, body and spiritual goodness.