Menswear | June 23, 2022 11:26 am

For Two Days Rhone Is Offering “Flash Packs” at 20% Off

Grab workout and performance tees and polos at a discount when you buy in bulk

A man in a Rhone Pique Polo, now on sale in various "flash packs"
Rhone's performance Pique Polo, now on sale if you buy more than one

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What’s a flash pack?

Consider it a bundle of like-minded clothes. It’s usually a good way to get multiple items of a style you like, in slightly different colors, for a discount. It’s very win-win.

And for two days Rhone is offering a number of these packs at 20% off.  I’ve been using Rhone for my workout gear since literally the week they launched in 2014 — their stuff excels at fit, comfort and keeping me relatively odor-free during my morning workouts. And it’s not overly flashy gear, which is probably why they’ve been able to use that same technical prowess in their everyday wares.

Rhone Element tees, available in multiple colors
Rhone Element tees, available in multiple colors

The packs on sale here are built for workouts or for casual summer outings — basically, it’s workout tees, non-workout tees and performance polos, all available in packs of two or three.

The discounts:

It’s also free shipping on orders over $100, so you’ll definitely hit that mark with any of the packs.