Menswear | October 28, 2019 11:56 am

Deal: Moleskin Pants Are Ideal for Fall, And These Are Just $43

Jomers offers these durable yet soft trousers at an exclusive low price

Jomers Moleskin Pants
Four colors of moleskin pants are now 25% off

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“Rugged” and “comfy” are words rarely go together in fashion, but a new line of pants from Jomers might offer you the best of both.

The New York menswear brand is now offering moleskin 5-pocket pants for just $58 … and we have an exclusive discount.

Moleskin — not to be confused with the paper company Moleskine — is strong like corduroy but much softer to the touch. Its durability, warmth, and soft velvety feel make it ideal for fall and winter wardrobes.

Jomes Moleskin Pants

The 13-ounce moleskin pants from Jomers also offer a hint of stretch for added comfort and mobility, something rarely found in moleskin fabric (as a rep for the brand tells us).

Jomes moleskin pants

The Jomers moleskin pants are available in four colors and in both slim and tailored fits at $58, which is far less than most major brands are selling them for. And clicking on the link below will automatically generate a 25% savings at checkout (if that link doesn’t bring you directly to the product page, just go here and then use the code InsideHookMoleskinPants at checkout).